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                                                -- ABOUT GOD --

Does God Exist?  This section offers classic and biblical proofs of God's existence and useful references to help those who want to delve into the topic in greater depth. 

God's Nature:  Who is God? Abundant scriptures are provided to support the view that God is love, righteousness, truth and much more. 

God and the Greatest Minds:  Most of the greatest philosophers, scientists, writers, poets, artists and musicians of the past held a firm belief in God; many lived very devout Christian lives. 

Ten Great Proofs of God's Existence:  The Ten Commandments are not just God's moral standard for humanity; they are great proofs of His existence.

Is God Cruel, Or is He Love and Justice?  Atheists, agnostics insist that God is cruel. In analyzing closely God's acts in the Bible, it becomes evident that God is not cruel, and  that His actions are always just, fair and righteous.









                                                                                                   -- ABOUT JESUS CHRIST --

Is Jesus the Messiah the Son of God?  Was Jesus simply a good man, a prophet or a cunning deceiver? The overwhelming evidence points undeniably to the fact that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God and that He was divine.

Jesus Christ's Autobiography What did Jesus Christ say about Himself ? Learn what our Savior said about His nature, His prophesied coming, His death, His resurrection, His teachings and His promises. 

Who Really Killed Christ? Was it Pilate? The Jews? Satan? Our Sins? Or is there more to the story than some might imagine?

Was Jesus Christ Really Resurrected? The evidence for Christ's Resurrection is unassailable.

Why Does Jesus Delay His Coming? Three major reasons why Jesus has not returned yet.






                                                                           -- MISCELLANEOUS --

God's Views on Moral Issues: 

Abortion  Bestiality  Homosexuality  Euthanasia  Fornication  Incest  Pornography  Adultery

The Works of the Flesh:  

Adultery, FornicationUncleannessLasciviousnessIdolatryWitchcraftHatredVarianceEmulationsWrathStrifeSeditionsHeresyEnvyMurdersDrunkennessRevelings.

The Fruits of the Spirit: 

  LoveJoyPeace, LongsufferingKindnessGoodnessFaithfulness, GentlenessSelf-control






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