"...a beautiful new book. It is a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at. I love the idea behind it of having what great minds have thought and said about God. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work!"
(Mike R., English Dpt. Head )



My son gave me your book for my birthday, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I teach senior science at a Christian high school, and the material has added to my teaching as well as the teaching of other disciplines."

(Deborah A., High school science teacher)


"This book is intriguing, fascinating, revealing and energizing. I recommend this excellent reference book."
(S.R., Beacon Hill Excerpts, Kansas City, MO)

"Positive and uplifting! Exceeded my expectations! "

(Mike S., Christian minister)


"The book is a must for those who believe that the greatest rational thinkers in history were devoid of religious faith. If you can be persuaded without the occurrence of an actual miracle, then I recommend you read the book."

(Tony G., Reader)


"The pages are visually pleasing with pictures of the luminaries, and the pulled out quotes artistically presented. A serviceable inspirational read for Christians."

(Today's Librarian, April, 2001)


"Beyond my expectations!!!," December 30, 2001
Reviewer: Tihomir Dimitrov from Bulgaria, Eastern Europe

"These are really THE GREATEST MINDS who have ever lived on earth. The thoughts and the illustrations are unbelievably beautiful!!!
All the thoughts are very deep, inspiring and meaningful!!!
I wait for the next book of Mr Caputo..."
(T. Dimitrov - M.Sc. in Psychology and Ph.D.-student in Philosophy of Science