Thought-Provoking Reflections About the God of the Bible





Thought-provoking reflections about the God of the Bible.


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"Thought-provoking...very interesting and convincing" (R. A. Reader)

"One of the most uplifting, comforting, and exciting reminders of the fact that God is everything He says He is." (G.S. Reader)

"It renews your appreciation of everything God is, everything He has done, is doing and will do."(D.G. Reader)

"I really enjoyed that book." M.U. Reader)


Author's Profile

Michael Caputo, AUTHORMichael Caputo has served in the Christian ministry since 1985. Besides years of formal theological studies, Michael holds bachelor degrees in psychology and education and a Master's degree in adult counselling and education. He is currently serving as a part-time Christian minister in Canada while teaching in a high school full time and in a college part-time. He and his wife, Leonilda, are the proud parents of three special children: Anthony, Julie, and Victor. Michael is the author of the award-winning book, God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds (Howard Publishing).



Also by Michael Caputo


The Young King and the Cross is the story of an evil, young King transformed by sharing in the crucifixion and suffering of Jesus Christ. The book is meant to help young people, ages 13-18 to better understand the meaning of the cross of Jesus and the the Savior's nobility while on the Cross., E-book - 35 pages.









Who is the God of the Bible?

Does He really exist?

 Is He really love and justice?

Is there injustice and unfairness in Him?

 Find the answers to these and countless other important questions in this stimulating book.




Book Summary

Is God truly love, righteousness, and justice? Are scoffers justified in saying that the God of the Bible is cruel and sadistic? What If God...? was written to provide undeniable evidence that the God of the Bible is love, righteousness, and justice. The book will take the reader on an inspiring journey through the Bible that explores Godís nature and His works in an original fashion. Each entry begins with the thought-provoking question, ďWhat if God...?Ē This stimulating approach is used to analyze in depth some of Godís fundamental traits and many of His major works as recorded in the Bible. Special emphasis is given to some of Godís actions that have left many believers confused and that scoffers commonly twist so as to diminish God's greatness. The final verdict is that God is, indeed, an astonishing Being and that He is beyond doubt a loving and just Creator.





"This book is meant to be a mind-expanding and transforming experience. The authorís hope is that by reading and reflecting upon Godís traits, His actions, and His true motives, the readerís understanding of Godís mind will reach new heights and that his love and respect for Him will multiply. Most of all, the author hopes that by reading this work believers will be greatly reassured by the absolute certainty that the great God is the best Creator there could ever be, the best Father we could ever have, and that humanity is in excellent hands."   (From Introduction)


God is not a cruel God. This work analyzes many of God's seemingly cruel actions in the Bible and shows that, without exception, God acted in a wise and just way.


Excellent help for stimulating and thought-provoking sermons or Bible studies.


A book that will make you think about God in a way you never thought before.


Meant to build your faith and trust in God




Also author of the award-winning

God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds

(A book about great minds who believed in God)

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Silver Medallion Co-Winner (ECPA)
Angel Award Winner 2001 (Excellence in Media)

"This book is intriguing, fascinating, revealing and energizing. I recommend this excellent reference book."
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