"God and the soul are known by me in the same way I know infinity: not by means of definitions but in quite another way...Just as I know assuredly that there is an infinity of numbers so do I know that there is a God...For me this knowledge is indubitable, simply because I am led to it unavoidably.

To the certainty of the infinity of numbers I am led by addition. To the certainty of the knowledge of God I am led by the question `Whence come I?'

I was born of my mother, and she of my grand-mother, but the very first of whom? And I inevitably arrive at God.

From whatever side I approach God it will always be the same. The origin of my thoughts, my reason is God. The origin of my love also is He. The origin of matter is He too.
(Tolstoy, 1937, 498)

"The only reasonable conception of life is the accomplishment of the will of him who sent us into the world-that is the will of God.

For life is life, only when it is the carrying out of God's purpose. But, by opposing Him, people deprive themselves of life, and at the same time, neither for one year, nor one hour, can they delay the accomplishment of God's purpose."                                                          (Crowell, 1927, 165)







"Oh God, God inconceivable, but who art, God by whose will I live. Thou has put in me this aspiration to know Thee, and to know myself. I have erred, I have sought out an infallible truth. I knew that I was going astray. I gave myself up to evil passions while knowing that they were evil but I never forgot Thee. I always felt Thy presence even in the very moment of my sins. I all but lost Thee, but Thou hast stretched forth a hand which I seized and all my life is filled with light. Thou hast saved me! I know that I am following the good that I love, or want to love, everyone, that I want to love the truth. Draw nearer, Thou God of love and truth, reveal to me all that I can understand of Thee and me."
(Tolstoy, 1899, 315)

Fundamental Creeds

1. Man is the son of the Infinite Source of Being; he is the son of the Father, not by the flesh but by the Spirit.

2. And therefore, man must serve the Source of his being in the Spirit.

3. The life of all men has Divine origin. The origin only is sacred.

4. And therefore, man must serve the Source of all human life. This is the will of the Father.

5. Service of the will of the Father is lifegiving.

(Ibid, 282)



Does God Exist?