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            GOD SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREATEST MINDS (Click on title for information)

"Why ask God for a respite when he has not given it. Has he not done his work and made man equal to his occasions, but he must needs have recourse to Him again? God cannot give us any other than self help."
(Thoreau’s Journal, 1981, 188)

"God is not our ally when we shrink and neuter when we are bold. If by trusting in God you lose any particle of your vigour-trust in Him no longer. When you trust do not lay aside your armour but put it on, and buckle it tighter... I do not want countenance but help.- And there is more of God, and divine help, in my little finger than in idle prayer and trust."
(Ibid, 235-236)

"The great God is very calm withall. How superfluous is any excitement in His creatures! He listens equally to the prayers of the believer and the unbeliever."
(Ibid, 360)

"God does not sympathize with the popular movements."
(Ibid, 360)

"If nature is our mother is not God much more? God should come into our thought with no more parade than the zephyr into our ears-only strangers approach Him with ceremony. How rarely in our English tongue do we find expressed any affection for God. No sentiment is so rare as love of God-universal love."
(Ibid, 370-371)

"We can only live healthily the life the gods assign us. I must receive my life as passively as the willow leaf that flutters over the brook. I must not be for myself, but God's work and that is always good. I will wait the breezes patiently-and grow as nature shall determine - My fate cannot but be grand so. We may live the life of a plant or an animal-without living an animal life. This constant and universal content of the animal-comes of resting quietly in God's palm."
(Ibid, 370-371)

"Why God did you include me in your great scheme? Will you not make me a partner at last?"
(Ibid, 372)

"What if you or I be dead- God is alive still."
(Ibid, 373)

"When God made man, He reserved some parts and some rights to Himself- The eye has many qualities which belong to God more than man- It is His lightning which flashes in them- When I think into my companion's eye, I think it is God's private mine. It is noble feature-it cannot be degraded. For God can look on all things undefiled."
(Ibid, 375-376)

"I thank God for sorrow- It is hard to be abused- Is not He kind still-who lets this south wind blow-this warm shine on me?"
(Ibid, 400)



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