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"Let him contemplate all nature in its awful and finished magnificence; let him observe that splendid luminary, set forth as an eternal lamp to enlighten the universe; let him view the earth as a mere speck within the vast circuit described by that luminary; let him think with amazement, that this vast circuit itself is only a minute point , compared with that formed by the revolutions of the stars...All that we see in of the creation, is but an almost imperceptible streak in the vast expanse of the universe. No idea can approximate its immense extent...This is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, but its circumference nowhere. In short, it is one of the greatest sensible evidences of the almightiness of God, that our imagination is overwhelmed by these reflections."
(Taylor, 2)

"Let man reverting to himself, consider what he is compared with all that exists. Let him behold himself a wanderer in this secluded province of nature, and by what he can see from the little dungeon in which he finds himself lodged, (I mean the visible universe), let him learn to make a right estimate of the earth, its kingdoms, its cities and himself."
(Ibid, 2-3)

"All things have sprung from nothing and are borne forward to infinity. Who can follow out such an astonishing career? The Author of these wonders, and He alone, can comprehend them."
(Ibid, 5)

"The stoics said, retire into yourselves, there you will find repose: but this was not true;-others said, Go out of yourselves and seek for happiness in amusement: and this ,too, was wrong. There are diseases ready to destroy these delusions: happiness can be found neither in ourselves nor in external things, but in God and in ourselves as united to Him."
(Pascal, 11-12)

"I perceive it is possible I might not have existed, for my essence consists in the thinking principle; therefore I, this thinking being, should never have existed, had my mother been killed before I was animated:- then I am not a necessary being. Nor am I eternal or infinite, but I see plainly, that there is in nature , a necessary, eternal, and infinite Being."
(Taylor, 13)

"Whatever we behold, marks neither the total absence nor the unveiled manifestation of the Deity, His divinity would beam fort, from all parts of it, with unshaded splendor."
(Ibid, 132)

"It is invariably true, that he equally conceals Himself from those who tempt Him, and manifests Himself to those who seek Him."
(Ibid, 133)

Every thing in the world shows either the unhappy condition of man, or the mercy of God; either the weakness of man without God, or the power of man assisted by God. The whole universe bears witness to the corruption or the redemption of man. Every thing betokens His grandeur or His degradation. The withdrawment of God is seen among the Pagan; the protection of God is seen among the Jews.
(Ibid, 134)

Instead of complaining that God is so concealed, it is the duty of men to bless Him, that He has so far revealed Himself, and also, that He has not discovered Himself to the worldly wise, or to the proud, who are unworthy to know so holy a God.                                                             (Ibid, 137)

"If the mercy of God is so great that even when He conceals Himself, He gives us the knowledge of salvation, how great will be our illumination when He discovers Himself!"                                                                                                                                (Ibid, 138)

"We can understand none of the works of God unless we assume, as a first principle, that He blinds some and enlightens others."
(Ibid, 138)


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