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            GOD SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREATEST MINDS (Click on title for information)

"O Thou who through the light of nature increasest in us the longing for the light of Thy Grace that through it we may come to the light of Thy majesty, I give Thee thanks, Creator and God, that Thou has given me this joy in Thy creation, and I rejoice in the works of Thy hands. See I have now completed the work to which I was called. In it I have used all the talents Thou has lent to my spirit. I have revealed the majesty of Thy works to those men who will read my works, insofar as my narrow understanding can comprehend their infinite richness."
(Beer, 1975, 359)

"Great is our Lord and great is His strength and there is no number to His wisdom. Praise Him heavens, praise Him sun, moon, planets, whatever sense you may use to perceive, whatever tongue to express our Creator. Praise Him heavenly harmonies, praise Him you witnesses of the (now) detected harmonies. Praise also you, my soul, your Lord the Creator as long as I shall be. For from Him and through Him, and in Him is all. Both what is perceived by the senses and by the mind, as much what we don't know at all as what we do know, a minimal part of it. To Him be praise, honor and glory into all eternity. Amen.
(Ibid, 361)

"The Creator, the fountain of all wisdom, the approver of perpetual order, the eternal and superessential spring of geometry and harmonics."
(Beer, 1975)

"Geometry... coeternal with God...and reflecting in the Divine mind has supplied God with the examples...for the furnishing of the world so that it became the best and most beautiful, and (even) also the most similar to the creator."
(Ibid, 75)

"But we Christians...know that the eternal and uncreated Logos who was with God and who is contained by no abode, although He is in all, (We know) that He has suscepted flesh from the uterus of the...Virgin Mary in the unity of a person, and that, after the consummation of His ministry in the flesh He has occupied the heavens as His royal abode, in which as somehow excelling over all other parts of the world, I.e. through His glory and majesty, also the Heavenly Father is acknowledged to habitate, and in which He has promised also to His faithful mansions in the house of His Father."
(Ibid, 356)



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