Rubens was a believer. His private correspondence reflects both devoutness and dependence upon the Deity.


     AI call the Lord to witness that I have treated him like a brother@ (Rubens, 1955, 96).

     AI can finish the whole by the end of next January, ( God granting me life and breath)@ (Ibid., 99).


     AI know of nothing further I can do, and trust my own good conscience and God=s will@ (Ibid., 203).


     AI pray to God to employ us more successfully in the future, in this and other occasions@(Ibid., 202).


     AIt rests upon the Lord God to give me life and health to bring the work to a good conclusion@(Ibid., 145).


     AI pray also that God will grant you, as well as our beloved, every sort of blessing@ (Ibid., 246).