I believe in one God sole and eternal, who
Unmoved moves all the heavens with love and
With desire; and for such belief I have not
Only proofs physical and metaphysical, but
That truth gives it to me which hence
Rains down through Moses, through prophets
And whatever Psalms, through the Gospels.
(Dante, Paradiso, Canto XXIV, 125-132)

 The glory of Him who moves everything
Penetrates through the universe, and is resplendent
in one part more and in another less.
(Ibid, Canto I, 1)

 "We should know, in this connection, that God and nature make nothing in vain, and that whatever is produced serves some function."
(Dante, On World Government, 5)

 "God who is the absolute world government."
(Ibid, 10)

"Since God achieves the highest perfection, and since his instruments, the heavens, are without defects, only one alternative remains: any defect in things here below must be due to a defect in God’s raw material, and must be external to the intention of the God of creation and of Heaven."
(Ibid, 26)

 "God alone elects, He alone establishes governments."
(Ibid, 79)

 "Him alone, who is the ruler, of all things spiritual and temporal."
(Ibid, 80)