Michael Caputo was born in Italy but has lived in Canada most of his life.  Beside years of formal theological studies, Michael holds Bachelor degrees in psychology and  education from York University, (Toronto), and a Masters'  degree in adult counseling and education from the University of Toronto. He has also studied literature at the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University, and history at Guelph University and the University of Waterloo.  He served full-time in the Christian ministry in both Italy and Canada until 1990. Since then, he has taught and counselled full-time, at the high school level, and part-time at the college level. He is an elder in his congregation, and counsels, researches, and writes. He and his wife, Leonilda, are proud parents of three children: Anthony, Julie, and Victor.

Michael Caputo is the author of the book GOD SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREATEST MIND (HOWARD PUBLISHING). The book is the recipient of the "Angel Award" from Hollywood's Excellence in Media, and is the co-recipient of the Silver Medallion" from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.