The material in this site was extracted from the author's award-winning book, 

 GOD SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREATEST MINDS (Click on title for more information).

 “As to the truth, of which mathematical demonstrations give us the knowledge, it is the same which the Divine Wisdom knoweth; but . . .  the manner whereby God knoweth the infinite propositions, whereof we understand some few, is highly more excellent than ours, which proceedeth by ratiocination, and passeth from conclusion to conclusion, whereas His is done at a single thought or intuition. Now the inferences which our intellect apprehendeth with time and a gradual motion the Divine Wisdom, like light, penetrateth in an instant, which is the same as to say, hath them always present.” (Burtt, 1951, 72)

“May it be our lot, by the grace of the true Son, pure and immaculate, to learn from Him, with all other truths, that which we are now seeking.” (Poupard, 1983, 42)

“God could have made birds with bones of massive gold, with veins full of molten silver, with flesh heavier than lead and with tiny wings . . . He could have made fish heavier than lead, and thus twelve times heavier than water, but He has wished to make the former of bone, flesh, and feathers that are light enough, and the latter as heavier than water, to teach us that He rejoices in simplicity and facility.” (Ibid., 99)

“I therefore conclude, that our knowledge . . . is separated from the Divine knowledge by an infinite interval.”              (Ibid., 101)

“When I reflect on so many profoundly marvelous things that persons have grasped, sought, and done I recognize even more clearly that human intelligence is a work of God, and one of the most excellent.” (Ibid., 101)

“To the Lord; whom I worship and thank;

That governs the heavens with His eyelid

To Him I return tired, but full of living.”

(Chiari, 1970, 321)


“To me the works of nature and of God are  miraculous." (Brunetti, 1964, 506)

“One must not doubt the possibility that the Divine Goodness at times may choose to inspire a ray of His immense knowledge in low and high intellects when they are adorned with sincere and holy zeal.” (Ibid., 545)

“I trust the infinite goodness of God may direct toward the purity of my mind a small amount of His grace that I may understand the meaning of His words.” (Ibid., 550)

“The Holy Scriptures cannot lie.” (Ibid., 558)



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