All pillars have a base. My base is my wonderful family. My wife Leonilda who has been there for me and three children for the past challenging eighteen years. My father Antonio and my mother Teresa. (Grazie mamma e papa` per il vostro grande amore). My mother-in-law Julie, my other precious mother. My father-in-law, Victor, who has given us much in many ways. My precious gifts from heaven, my children Anthony, Julie and Victor. And then my sister Grace, my nephews Tony, Frank, Nino, and niece Lucy, my brothers-in-law Nick and Greg, and my sister-in law Alba, and all the many other relatives who have added much joy to my life. To them and all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ in Italy and North America, I dedicate this work. Each pillar and base rest upon a foundation. My sure foundation is the One this book is all about. To Him, "The All," I offer this small sacrifice. In His hands, may it become a blessing to many. Michael C.