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   God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest minds

The Greatest Minds Believed in God



God Seem Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds



Did the Greatest Minds of the Past Believe in God?

The overwhelming consensus of the greatest scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, artists and musicians is that God exists and that He is creator and sustainer of all existence.

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By Michael Caputo




"This book is intriguing, fascinating, revealing and energizing. I recommend this excellent reference book."
(Beacon Hill Excerpts, Kansas)

 City, MO)

"Positive and uplifting! Exceeded my expectations!

(Mike S., Christian minister)

"...a beautiful new book. It is a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at." (M. R. English Dpt. Head)

Silver Medallion (2001) CPA                            
Silver Angel Award Recipient (2001) Excellence in Media




                                             BOOK SUMMARY


     Did great intellect and creativity lead brilliant men and women of the past to agnosticism and atheism, or did it lead them to believe in and submit to a Creator God?


     The answer to that question lies in the pages of this intriguing book. As you read and experience how the greatest minds of history viewed God, you will find an overwhelming consensus that the God of the universe does indeed exist and that He has impacted and shaped those who have influenced our world.


    Michael Caputo, through years of exhaustive research, has discovered letters, writings, and quotes that reveal what the greatest artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists, and writers thought about the God of heaven. Through the pages of this timeless work, you will engage the thoughts of history's most celebrated people: Mozart, Galileo, Descartes, Shakespeare, Einstein, Michelangelo, and many more. Open the pages of this book and discover what those who have shaped history thought about the God of eternity.


240 pp.

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 1582291322

Pub. Date: October, 2000
Categories: Quotes,Inspiration



Author Profile

Michael Caputo, AUTHOR

Italian born, Michael Caputo has lived in Canada most of his life. Besides years of formal theological studies, Michael holds degrees in psychology, education, and adult counseling. He has worked in the mental heath field for several years and has taught at the high school and college level. He and his wife, Leonilda, are the proud parents of three special children: Anthony, Julie, and Victor. Michael is also the author of WHAT IF GOD...? (Xulon Press).

Also author of the thought-provoking book,

What if God...?

Thought-provoking reflections about God

(A book that will strengthen your faith in the God of the Bible )

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"Thought-provoking...very interesting and convincing" (R. A. Reader)

"One of the most uplifting, comforting, and exciting reminders of the fact that God is everything He says He is" (G.S. Reader)

"I really enjoyed that book." M.U. Reader)


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